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Tips & Information - Body Type


Genetics play a role in the progress that one has with their fitness program. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses with respect to certain muscle groups. It is important to avoid always playing up to your strengths but rather try to improve upon your weaknesses as well in developing a stronger total body.

Most people do not fit neatly into one body type or somatotype. Instead, they are a percentage of two of the following body types:


Long arms and legs, increased height and decreased body fat typically characterize Ectomorphs. Examples of ectomorphs are baskketball players. The ectomorph body type typically wants to add lean muscle; therefor, their workouts should consist of a higher percentage of weight training and less cardiovascular training.


Wide shoulders, narrow waists, quick muscle growth and a balanced muscular lower and upperbody characterize Mesomorphs. Examples of mesomorphs are olympic gymnasts. Depending on their fitness goals Mesomorphs are at times afraid of adding to much lean muscle therefor they need a balanced percentage of their workout dedicated to cardiovascular training as well as weight training.


Wide hips, narrow shoulders and a protruding abdomen characterize the Endomorph. Examples of endomorphs would be Sumo Wrestlers. Endomorphs typically want to loose weight; therefor, they must have a large percentage of their workout dedicated to cardiovascular training.

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